The Power of Collective Purchasing Agreements

Our proposals, pricing and supporting paperwork will become a permanent part of the project file. With this documentation in the file, any agency, auditors, board of directors or the general public can review and confirm that the price you paid for our products and services has been sourced by the nationally negotiated contracts for your particular industry.

 Purchasing Alliances such as those used by government, religious and educational cooperatives, reduce the cost of goods and services by aggregating the purchasing power of public and private agencies nationwide. These cooperatives provide procurement resources and solutions to local and state governments, school districts (K-12), higher education, religious concerns and nonprofits. Participants have access to a broad line of competitively solicited contracts with best in class national suppliers.

Government Flooring  has committed to research those products which have been assigned these specially negotiated contract prices and utilize these products for our client's. In addition, we honor all national and regional negotiated labor pricing so as to ensure the best rates for each project.

 These solutions are highly desirable assets for purchasing staff and facility managers because the long, drawn out process of ITBs, RFPs, RFQs and multi vendor interviews are all eliminated.  Our programs can be documented and proven to be compliant with national contracts. 

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