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4,000 sf Gymnasium

Epoxy in Jail Cells


Epoxy in Restrooms

Prisoners and Flooring

Gyms & Rubber Sports Flooring

Don't worry...
if your building's flooring has issues...we can help!
 Most renovation jobs result from a need to change existing flooring products coupled with a need for fixing existing problems.

Most General Contractors, at the time the building was first constructed, hire experienced flooring contractors who are appropriate for the time and existing technology ...that's fair....however, our industry codes change, new and better products enter the market and our technology changes.

TODAY...Facility Managers want the best products, best technology and top-notch, on-going customer service...Purchasing Managers want a verifiable contract price from a service provider...

Government Flooring Provides Both!

Fire Station and Wet Floor

Marble at City Hall

3,000 sf Tile in Courthouse

30,000 sf Elementary School

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Carpet Tiles for Office Buildings

Surprises Under Your Floor


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Check out our National Pricing Page for an explanation of our commitment to national group pricing contracts...CALL OUR PROJECT MANAGERS NOW and we will discuss your next renovation.  We will schedule a survey of your facility and double-check the EZ form contract pricing list for your work...you will trust our service and you will have documentation of the pre-negotiated national contract pricing for your files.


Flooring Renovations for

Government Buildings