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Dennis L. Hinojos


We are a commercial flooring company focusing on government entities and their buildings.  Our services combine various aspects of products and installation for the renovation of all flooring in all types of government buildings.  We have been awarded contracts for the replacement of flooring in state, county, city, fire, police, schools and various other governmental agencies.


We offer “fee only consultation services” to our clients as a means for them to prepare, plan and budget for any upcoming flooring projects.  We provide site surveys as we examine and identify problems in their existing flooring/foundation, we then design solutions to their problems.  Included with this service are product specifications and project procedure documents which can be used by the client for formal bid solicitation to the open contractor market.


If we provide consultation services as outlined above as a FLOORING CONSULTANT, we formally withdraw our company from bidding on the defined project.  However, if we are utilized as the PRIME CONTRACT INSTALLATION company, we provide all services as outlined above, then design color schemes, phasing plans and provide product ordering with the original product manufacturers.  When the products arrive at the job-site, we perform all work and install all products as required by current technology mandates and manufacturer requirements.

Our crews are specialists in the demolition, clean-up and asset management of the various materials that reside in the buildings under which our flooring will be installed.  Once the building is properly prepared, our crews install and we warrant all work so as to provide long-term relationships with our clients.

This "prime contractor - we take care of everything” relationship offers a great time and money savings program to the purchasing and facilities departments.  We participate in most government group purchasing relationships and offer documented, state approved pricing for our client's files.  Our program eliminates the "open market bidding process" that purchasing and facilities staff go through i.e. writing specifications, numerous bidding procedures and management of new, untested contractors on every new project etc...VERY TIME CONSUMING AND RISKY.   Our "prime contractor program" offers an on-going, single flooring source for purchasing and facilities personnel...EASY!


Dennis L. Hinojos, began a construction and flooring business in 2001.  

His companies acquired various real properties and executed renovations for the improvement

and longevity of the structures. This general business plan began to focus more and more on

flooring and he realized there was a niche that was untapped as a specific market segment; that

niche was government entities.

Mr. Hinojos was not only interested in the government clients, he decided to specialize and

focus solely on the various aspects of working with their purchasing departments and facility

management personnel for their flooring needs.  This is a complicated undertaking and there are

laborious steps required to properly document, price and execute flooring renovation projects

for these governmental clients.  With a single purpose interest in this business segment,

Government Flooring, LLC, continues to be dedicated toward the long-term relationships

required in this high-level niche.