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National Purchasing agreements

We are focused on providing the highest quality products, processes and management of flooring projects for key segments of municipal, county and state governments.  In addition, we provide renovation of flooring for educational, healthcare and religious facilities.


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​​Government * Schools/Universities * Parks & Rec * Law Enforcement * Fire/Rescue

We promote and honor all the pre-negotiated purchasing contracts that are available to our clients through their associations with industry specific purchasing alliances.

Flooring Renovations for

Government Buildings

Government Flooring, LLC 

Government Flooring provides products and services for the renovation of existing commercial flooring.  We provide consultations for the planning of flooring projects for buildings with existing offices, equipment and users who need access to the space on a daily basis.  We schedule and provide project planning for our installations during weekends, nights, and holidays so as to minimize the impact to your facilities while allowing daily foot traffic in key areas of your buildings.